Here is a picture of mountains to remind you that the world is beautiful. 

                                                                 Here is a picture of mountains to remind you that the world is beautiful. 


Pure & Simple is about making small changes to lighten life's load and better our world.


With a focus on a minimal waste lifestyle, healthy products, and whole-hearted living, I hope that Pure & Simple reminds you that even the little things in life matter, so why not do them well. 

Sometimes the effort it takes to make intentional changes can feel overwhelming. Pure & Simple is here to make things a little easier. With resources on what it is like to go minimal-waste, reference posts about the products I have found most helpful, recipes that make your whole-self happy, and a blog about why all this matters, Pure & Simple is the culmination of a lot of love and dreams. We cannot fix all the world's problems with positive vibes and intentionality, but when we choose to live like we care, our impact is powerful. 


It's Me!

My name is Shelby Ray. I'm a wife, mother, and human living in North Minneapolis. I care a lot about plants, people, good food, and having plenty of variety in life. I move the furniture in my house quite often and like to talk about Jesus, and caring for the world and each other. Pure and Simple is my intellectual child, birthed out of many, many conversations about all the topics covered here. Rather than endlessly sending the same links, resources, and ideas to so many different people, I decided to consolidate it all here. Pure and Simple is ever growing and by no-means, an end all resource. My hope is that whether you're all in with a zero-waste-vegan-urban-farm lifestyle, or you think that's all pretty ridiculous, that you might be encouraged here. I deeply believe that the world gets a little bit better every time we show up for each other with love and grace.