DIY Lip Balm


  1. 2 tbsp coconut oil
  2. 2 tbsp Shea butter
  3. 2 tbsp beeswax
  4. 15-20 drops essential oils (my favorite combination so far is lemongrass and lavender)
  5. Lip balm containers (about 15 per batch)

Add all the ingredients except the essential oils to a glass container and place over a double boiler. Melt the ingredients together using the double boiler. Stir often while melting. Once all the ingredients are melted remove it from the heat, add the essential oils and stir. Pour into the lip balm containers quickly before the mixture begins to harden. The beeswax will make the mixture harden fairly quickly as it cools. I often will reheat the mixture one more time to melt down the remaining mixture that hardens while pouring. Let the lip balm containers cool and harden for at least two hours, or overnight if you're a patient person. This recipe is gold and has rave reviews from my friends.